Client Ruby Receptionists Platform Web, Social

Exec. Producer/Writer
Jill McKenna Producer/Director Nathan Wilson
 Editor Tyler Warren Mo-Graph Artist Dawn Bender

In early 2021, we were privileged to have Ruby join our ranks of valued clients. Their first ask was for an update to their explainer video that showed how to use their mobile app. They were looking for something more in line with their updated branding guidelines and a streamlined, more accessible script.

This project was mostly motion graphics, something we usually use fairly sparingly, so we brought in a ringer to help execute on that end. Dawn helped us to refine our vision for the motion elements and develop a straightforward plan to put it all together. In about three weeks our team created a new script, storyboards, brand new assets, pre-vis mockups, VO capture, and a final edit for delivery.

We want to thank our fantastic team, both client side and contractors, who helped to make this one of our smoothest executed projects to date.