Client Ruby Receptionists Platform Web, Social

Exec. Producer
Katie Hurst Producer/Writer/Art Director Jill McKenna Producer/Director/DP/Editor Nathan Wilson
Cam Op Tyler Warren Gaffer Kevin Dyer Graphic Designer Dawn Bender

For our second project with Ruby, we were excited to flex our creative muscles and execute on a much more complicated project. The goal was to showcase the value of Ruby’s live chat specialists. You wouldn’t just be talking to a bot; a real, Ruby-trained specialist would cater to your potential customers with the same level of passion, friendliness, and professionalism that Ruby’s clients have come to expect from their Receptionists.

The challenge was to make a short, high-impact spot that would communicate a large number of value propositions, both to Ruby’s clients, and to Ruby’s client’s potential customers. In the writing process we made sure to represent each of these parties, how they interact with each other, and the benefits of using Ruby chat specialists in that equation. Our solution to communicating this complex network of relationships without it being a five minute spot was to tell the story with split screens. After developing the script and providing proof of concept with detailed storyboards, Ruby bought in to the idea whole heartedly and we were off and running.

With a limited budget, we were able to save a substantial amount of money by using Ruby’s bold, colorful, and sparse branding to motivate the use of simplified workspaces for our characters. Consisting of a desk, workstation, and a photo backdrop, we were able to shoot all three characters over two days on location in Ruby’s offices with virtually no budget for art department. Even with that limitation we are very proud of the super punchy, colorful, and clean look we were able to capture that we feel accurately represented Ruby’s brand.

Finally, in the edit is where we were able to have the most fun. Because of our detailed storyboarding, all of the pieces were able to seamlessly fit together as intended and the complex dance of split screens came to life. This project truly represents the outside-the-box creative thinking of our team, and our unparalleled ability to execute complex concepts at a high level with very limited resources.