Client Imperial Yeast Platform Web, Social

Exec. Producer/Writer
Casey Helwig Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/DP Nathan Wilson
 Producer Liz Shadeh Cam Op Tyler Warren Audio Tech Nicholas Wilson

We have been wanting to break into beer and wine for a while now, I’m not sure if the Pacific Northwest has a more iconic industry and we are big fans of the product. So when we got to pitch for Imperial’s upcoming Homebrew Series we were super excited about the opportunity.

The trick with this series was to make tutorial videos that didn’t feel like your average tutorial video. Dry, bland talking heads with inserts of the product. Snoozefest. Imperial Yeast is a brand that oozes the rebel attitude and we needed to capture their brand’s irreverent approach to their market. These people are incredibly serious about their work, but were laughing and joking around with each other more than any other company we’ve worked with. That sense of humor had to come through in their marketing materials.

It was a fun challenge to ride that line and show their goofy side without undermining their extensive expertise. We wanted the audience to laugh, but also completely buy into their authority on the matter of brewing beer. 

From finding opportunities in the script to inject moments of humor, to casting their own employees to host the videos, to working closely with their marketing and sales teams to find exactly what it was about Imperial’s culture that makes them so unique and fun, to allowing everyone the freedom to riff and be themselves on camera, we found a myriad of paths to our goal.

We think the end result speaks for itself, this was the most fun we’ve had on a shoot in a while and I believe that really shows through. Looking forward to the next round where we will be doing a similar series for their corporate clients.

Full Series on Vimeo