Client Imperial Yeast Platform Web, Social

Exec. Producer/Writer
Eben Waggoner Producer/Director/DP/Editor/Color Nathan Wilson
 Gaffers Kevin Dyer/Nate Miles Cam Ops Tyler Warren/Kevin Dyer
Audio Tech Johnny Buell MoGraf Tyler Warren

Our second major series for one of the beer industries’ biggest innovators, Imperial Yeast. We had so much fun finding new ways to step up the production value and engagement this time around. The subject matter was a little drier compared with the previous homebrew series as these are targeted towards a professional audience, so naturally the information that needed to be communicated was much more technical. Even with that being the case, we feel the beautiful imagery that we were able to capture on location, along with the dynamic editing we carried over from the original series, really succeeded in making this a compelling watch.

The entire series can be found on our Vimeo channel.